After living in the White House, you cannot believe that the president Barrack Obama and his family, Michelle, Malia and Sasha will be relocating to their next home in Kalorama neighborhood in Washington Dc, their house is said to be 8,200 square foot

This mansion is said to have nine baths and nine bathrooms and was constructed in 1928. According to Ghosts of DC website it was sold to Joe Lockhart who was once the press secretary who currently owns the property at $5.3 million. The initial listing of the house was $50,000.

Their decision to consider D.C as their next dream home is because they want their daughter Sasha to complete her high school there in 2018, they will relocate after the president’s term is over. They intend to rent the place says, the New York Times. Zillow approximates the monthly rent to be about $22,000.

For sure it is a breathtaking home that everyone would desire to stay in. It is luxurious with spacious rooms featuring hardwood floors, gardens and terrace and a special apartment that might just work well  Marian Robinson who lives with them in state house; she is Michelle’s mother.

The gorgeous white colored kitchen is just irresistible, this is because of its enlarged white and gray marble table/sink. The gated courtyard is sufficed to meet the president’s numerous cars some of which belong to his secret men.

This house shares a neighborhood with Bill and Hillary Clinton alongside with distinguished countries’ embassies.

Ever heard of Capt. Charles Hamilton Maddox? Well, he was the man who tested the radio equipment used in the Navy’s aircraft. He once owned this gorgeous house and his daughter Muriel appeared with Marion Brando in 1950s ‘The Men’ and also was an author of romance novels.

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