This site is devoted to all this Washington DC and what is not more DC than a little politics Ted Kennedy style.  Back in 2009 before he died

Kennedy was really pushing an add on to the Health Care Reform Bill, or

AKA Obama Care, that would provide long term care benefits for all Americans.  Sounds good right?  In the land of unicorns, ice-cream and fluffy bunnies where all things that sound good get added to buy votes, this is exactly what this bill was designed to do.  The Health Care Bill was a tough sell and was NOT coming in deficit neutral scored by the CBO.  What Kennedy did in attempt to save the bill was create and insurance revenue stream inside of Obama Care AND use the premiums to pay NOT for Long Term Care, but the bill’s bloated cost.

Hook, line and sinker… he got it added on, manipulated the America voters and the law was passed.  However, the Class Act was not actuarially sound by a long shot as just sick people would join so the slick politicians ripped out the LTC plan a couple years later after the health care bill had passed in the depths of the night on New Year’s freaking eve when no one was watching.

This was a classic attempt to pretend to solve a complex problem by manipulation of the voter.  Most voters are not sophisticated enough or care enough to follow complex litigation and the politicians know it.  So pour it on DC, we the tax payer are your bitch and you have us tied up in the closet with gimp-balls jammed in our mouth… I now need a drink,

I’m glad I know where the top bars are in DC.

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